ILX Catch It If You Can

An experiential activation for Acura’s 2016 ILX


Acura — ILX

Catch it if You Can

An experiential activation for Acura's "Catch It If You Can" campaign.



The 2016 ILX was a mid-model refresh that featured two notable upgrades to the entry-level luxury sedan: stunning Jewel Eye LED headlights, and a zippy 8-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission.



ILX Quick Cubes: Catch It If You Can

An experience inspired by the speed of the Dual-Clutch 8-speed transmission, and beauty of the Jewel Eye LED headlights featured on the 2016 ILX.


The Work

Acura tapped five illustrators with strong followings on social media to create one animated story that featured the Acura ILX.

Each artist interpreted the Acura ILX in their own illustration style while all five boxes worked together to show the ILX driving through five very different visual environments. The illustrations were used to create a physical art installation as well as a sweepstakes on the Acura social channels.  


Fans were invited to participate in a fun and engaging social program. Users were able to “catch” the ILX by taking a screenshot of one of five videos posted on Instagram for a chance to win a limited edition print from one of our artists. 




How it worked

Expert metalworkers and chrome-platers ensured that each headlight was an exact match to its real-life counterpart. Each frame was programed with software to keep the mechanical flipbook perfectly synchronized.



The Team

Client - Acura

Agency - Razorfish
Group Creative Director - Mike Frank
Creative Director - Kate Foley
Art Director - Chris Kitahara
Senior Copywriter - Newton Stern
Motion: Scott Sonnenberg

Illustrators - Invisible CreatureSachin TengVault49Andrew BanneckerJeff Soto

Production - Figure Plant