ILX 8-Speed Playlist

An Soundcloud activation for Acura’s 2016 ILX


Acura — ILX

8 - Speed Playlist

A Soundcloud activation made for Acura in support of the "Catch It If You Can" campaign.



In 2016 Acura introduced the smooth shifting 8-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission to their entry-level luxury sedan – the 2016 ILX. The car was largely targeted at urban millennials with interests in music and art. 



8 tracks for 8 speeds

Partnering with Soundcloud, Tumblr and 8 emerging musical artists Acura created an 8-Speed playlist inspired by the experience of driving the new Acura ILX.


The Team

Client - Acura

Agency: Razorfish
Group Creative Director - Mike Frank
Creative Director - Kate Foley
Art Director - Chris Kitahara
Art Director - Caitlin Bauler
Senior Copywriter - Newton Stern
Motion - Ege Celengil
Designer - Young Kim

Musical Artists
Track 01 - Kisses
Track 02 - Bear in Heaven
Track 03 - Spazzkid
Track 04 - StaRo
Track 05 - Plastic Plates
Track 06 - Bit Funk
Track 07 - Walla
Track 08 - Amtrac